Wills London Vegan Shoes

10th October 2015

Wills London has been a revelation for us. In recent years as we’ve transitioned our buying habits to be entirely vegan-friendly, we have purchased a lot more casual and athletic wear. These styles often fit our on-the-go lifestyle that requires our purchases to be ethical and practical. With Wills London, we’ve discovered a brand that offers stylish, contemporary shoes with a minimalist and restrained aesthetic that isn’t just pleasing to the eye but also comfortable and versatile. Wills London vegan microfiber suedes and leathers have a high-quality appearance with construction, comfort and practicality to match.

Wills London Vegan Desert Boots Grey

Wills London products are PETA-approved Vegan and hand-made in a family run factory in Portugal. We can’t say enough how impressed we are with the Wills London Vegan Shoes we received and the service provided by the owner, Will. He is determined to provide the best cruelty-free product with the highest level of service to match. Free shipping to the USA and free returns within 365 days for the USA, UK, Europe and Canada gives you another reason to love this company.

We’re overwhelmed with Will’s generosity to host two worldwide giveaways with us. One on Facebook and another on Instagram. Each giveaway will produce one winner who will take home the shoes of their choice, shipped to them for free. To find out more about our two Wills London giveaways, go to the end of this post.

Also keep an eye out for Wills London Chestnut Derby shoes worn by Woody Harrelson in his upcoming film Wilson (2016).

Available in

Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s shoes along with Accessories; all ethically hand-made in Portugal with high quality vegan materials. Visit Wills London for the most up to date inventory.

Where to Purchase

All products are available at wills-vegan-shoes.com and orders within the USA include free shipping. Returns are free within the USA, UK, Europe and Canada; and you have 365 days to return your order for any reason.

Interview with Will of Wills London

We’re delighted to be joined by Will of Wills London Vegan Shoes for a brief interview about his range of on trend vegan shoes and accessories.

Wills London Vegan Shoes Owner Will Green

1. What are Wills London shoes made of? Can you tell us more about the materials and what makes Wills London Shoes vegan?

A vegan shoe does not use any materials that are from an animal from the glue to the upper to the laces.

The main difference with a vegan shoe is the upper. A standard pair of shoes uses leather or suede for the upper.

A good vegan shoe swaps this with microfiber. Microfiber is a man-made material that is comprised from a very fine mesh of individual fibers. High quality microfiber can be made to have the same look and feel of leather or suede – most people will not tell the difference. The wear is also very similar – microfiber is water resistant, breathable and because it is a weave of fibers – and has some “give” so will fit to your foot shape and gait.

Microfiber is not to be confused with the cheap PU and PVC materials found on “accidentally vegan” shoes found on the high-street.

2. Where are Wills London shoes made?

I want to make shoes people fall in love with. The kind of shoes you want to wear even if they do not go with your outfit or it’s the wrong weather.

I travel around Europe searching for the best vegan materials such as beautiful Italian microfiber uppers and linings. I have noticed the first thing some people do when they pick up a pair of Wills is smell them for leather – because they cannot believe they are vegan!

I make my shoes in top factories in Portugal where people work in decent, safe conditions and are paid a fair wage. I place animal and human rights on the same level. I do not see the point of protecting one life and putting another in danger.

I have put my ethics through into my company which is why my shoes are and always will be vegan and ethically made.

3. In addition to Men’s and Women’s shoes, what other products do you offer or hope to offer in the near future?

I have a small collection of well received men’s accessories that will soon be joined by women’s accessories come October (plus a whole load more men’s!). A badly kept secret is that I love accessories as much as shoes so expect them to become a big feature of Wills London.

Wills Kids are being introduced at the same time – a compact collection of unisex casual boots for the season retailing at $70.

Everything released from Wills you can always expect to have my standard of ethics, quality, design and affordability.

4. What are some of your best sellers?

I was lucky when I launched Wills, I have something like three quarters of the original range still in place! It has been fun tweaking things, improving on the quality and design like introducing hand stitched latex insoles and soft breathable linings. The best sellers are the classics – the classic boots, lace-ups and belts. It is nice to introduce new styles but I love to introduce classic looks that people have never been able to buy vegan before – with the right quality and price – like my men’s slim soles.

The Verdict

We tried one pair of men’s and one pair of women’s shoes from Wills London. Choosing just one pair each was a difficult task due to the broad collection of classic and modern styles available. I went with the uber-practical and stylish black vegan leather Work Boots; while Doni opted for something a bit different in his wardrobe, an ever-elusive pair of vegan suede Desert Boots in grey. Along with the high quality, ethically hand-made construction; we were especially impressed with the restrained, on-trend design of these vegan shoes. They’re simply stunning and the quality is immediately apparent. We can’t wait to wear them through this autumn and winter and beyond.

Fast, free shipping to the USA via DHL and free returns within 365 days for the USA, UK, Europe and Canada provides an added incentive to try Wills London. Our shoes took just 3 business days to arrive in Oregon. No duties or shipping fees, a quick and simple ordering process and a free Fed-Ex return label in the package meant that ordering from Wills couldn’t have been any easier. Both pairs we received fit true to size.

Wills London is an exceptional value considering the quality of the product and the ethical production methods. We’re pleased to share more about these stylish, practical and cruelty-free shoes we were fortunate to try and are already looking forward to ordering more products from Wills London.

Desert Boots Grey

Wills London Vegan Shoes

Wills Vegan Desert Boots Grey

The Italian faux-suede microfiber upper looks and feels like real suede on these Desert Boots. The moment you pick them up you can feel the heft in these boots, they’re solidly constructed with a robust sole. The firm, grippy, red rubber soles are complete with contrast stitching and perfectly accentuate the suede uppers. Everything about these shoes evokes quality and style and I love the attention to detail and refined craftsmanship. I would compare them favorably to some of my favorite Paul Smith shoes from years past when I used to buy leather shoes. Give them a little time to break in since the soles are stiff to start out, but once broken in they are incredibly comfortable and practical.

Wills Vegan Desert Boots Grey




Work Boots Black

Wills London Vegan Shoes

Wills Vegan Work Boots Black

I instantly loved these classic Work Boots when they arrived! These entirely vegan boots feature a soft and breathable Italian microfiber “leather” with a lovely burnished black finish. The minimalist style is beautiful. I especially appreciate the total absence of branding or labels. There are also no zips, buckles or embellishments. Simply put, these are the most practical and versatile boots I own and I’ve enjoyed wearing them with pants, leggings, dresses and shorts. Since I travel a lot and also tend to walk a lot, I need shoes that I can actually walk in and easily pair with a variety of outfits. These boots tick all the boxes for me and I’ve been pleased with the support, cushioned latex insoles and solid, sturdy construction of the outsole. The overall weight is lighter than I expected but the shoes still feel really well made and are surprisingly comfortable. After giving them an extended run over the winter I will report back on the durability.

Vegan Work Boots Black

Wills Vegan Work Boots Black

Lace and hooks from vegan work boots

Rika wearing Wills Vegan Work Boots Black

Wills Vegan Work Boots Black

Worldwide Giveaways

Wills London Vegan Shoes Giveaways

We would like to extend our greatest gratitude to Will of Wills London. Without him these giveaways would not have been possible.

We are hosting two worldwide giveaways, one on Facebook and another on Instagram. Each giveaway will result in one winner. Winners will receive a free pair of vegan shoes of their choice from Wills London. You may enter both, but are only eligible to win once. Both giveaways end October 25th.

Enter the Facebook Giveaway here and Instagram Giveaway here (or enter below).

Wills Vegan Shoes Giveaway

Disclosure: Samples were kindly provided to us for review. All reviews are our own personal opinions, we have not been compensated to provide any feedback positive or otherwise.

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