Allston: Deep Ellum Restaurant & Bar

13th April 2012

Update: Sadly, Deep Ellum no longer offers vegan options

We visited Deep Ellum on a number of occasions during our frequent visits to Boston and we were always happy to return for their superb selection of beers and excellent vegan burger. They previously offered more vegan options but cut that down to only the one vegan option – the vegan burger – and have now, sadly, removed the vegan burger from the menu as well. What we loved about their vegan burger was the fact that it was hand-made in house, no bought-in frozen vegan burger patties here! We hope they consider bringing the vegan burger back because not only was this one of our favorite places to eat it and drink, it’s also conveniently located in Allston right next to FOMU!


Deep Ellum Location & Hours & Notes

477 Cambridge Street, Allston, MA. Roughly 30 minutes walk from Brookline area (if you start from Beacon Street), since there aren’t any available transits by there.

This restaurant does not take reservations. It is always busy in the evenings especially on weekends due to small restaurant. I would recommend coming in when the restaurant opens during weekdays if you want a quiet meal with someone.

They have a wonderful selection of beer & cocktails.






Vegan Burger (+$1 extra for fries): $9

When it comes to finding a quality hand-made vegan burger in the Boston area, we always enjoyed going to Deep Ellum. They made a seriously good seitan burger in house and we hope they bring it back because this was one of our favorite places to hang out in Boston. It’s also in a convenient area for other vegan options in Allston. For just a dollar more you can also add some seriously good fries to this dish, and we always opted for the fries. We also used to enjoy their vegan cassoulet, which was removed from the menu sometime in the last year.

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