Bogotá: Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano

15th March 2013

Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano was one of the vegetarian restaurants listed in Bogota Vegetariana directory. It wasn’t listed in Happy Cow Bogotá and I found zero photographs and posts about the restaurant. Now this is the opportunity to feature this 100% vegan Colombian restaurant on a vegan blog. They do not serve eggs, dairy or honey.

The two-floor vegan restaurant is located in Zona Universitaria of central Bogotá. Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano opens for lunch on Monday to Saturday from noon to 3pm. I would suggest getting there around 11:55pm if you would like to take the time to order and find your favorite seat. The restaurant gets packed after 12:15pm, and it is a possibility you will end up in a waiting line. It is normal if you are sitting alone, there will be other diners joining you at the table.

They frequently update their lunch menu set daily via Facebook, which is helpful so you can translate them prior dining. It is worth checking out their menu because Naturalmente offers a variety of cuisines such as Colombian, Latin, Asian, and other international cuisines. If you have the time and the flexibility, I highly recommend trying their tasty Colombian and Latin cuisine.


Bogotá: Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano Front Entrance, there is a daily menu written on chalkboard (next to the two men). Be sure to arrive early to get your table/seat. It is usually busy after 12:15pm.


Bogotá: Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano It is a bit crowded on the 2nd floor. I like sitting on the 1st floor. Note the 100% natural juices and the vegan hearty green soup, known as Sopa Campesina, with potatoes, barley, beans, green beans and celery.

Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano
Cra. 6 # 30a – 20,
Bogotá, Colombia
Tele: 2322664

Mon – Sat: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Menu changes daily (posted on Facebook)
• Full lunch for 9.000 per person (includes fruit, soup, main course, 100% natural juice and small dessert)
• All except soup for 8.000 per person
• Soup for 4.500 per person (includes fruit, dessert and 100% natural juice)
• They currently offer discounts for 14-20 lunches.


Bogotá: Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano The owner and cook of the restaurant, Omar Fernando Ibarra, with a smile. Omar is very helpful with our orders, and spoke Spanish very slowly. Please note, all dishes are 100% vegan and natural.


Bogotá: Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano Lovely women working in the kitchen, plating up the lunch meals and a frequent customer.


Bogotá: Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano Packed tables sat by happy Colombian diners on the first floor


Bogotá: Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano Notice Alicia Silverstone portrait on the wall and the first floor (a favorite spot of mine with the light shining from the windows)


Bogotá: Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano 2nd floor can be slightly crowded. I prefer the 1st floor.


Bogotá: Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano This is their pricing menu. You can get discounts if you plan to dine 14 (10% off) or 20 lunch meals (16% off). We like their full lunch menu set (9.000 per person) because it includes everything else.

our vegan lunch (9.000 per person, menu del dia)

At only $5 per person, the 100% vegan lunch set [menu del dia] includes your choice of fruit of the day, soup, main course, your choice of 100% natural juice of the day and a small puree dessert. This is our first time to dine at Naturalmente (on February 20th, 2013).

★ Lulo or Papaya juice [Jugo de Lulo y Papaya]
★ Sopa Campesina [Sopa Campesina]
★ Quinoa Patty [Medallon De Quinoa], Rice with Corn [Arroz con choclo], Eggplant Tempura [Tempura de Berenjena], and Veggie Salad [Ensalada de Hortalizas]
★ Guava Puree Dessert

That day, we had a banana and two mandarins, which was pretty nice to have around. The fruit was part of the lunch set and they vary daily. I personally like their bananas because it is easy to eat them.


Sopa Campesina For the soup, we had a [Sopa Campesina], or a hearty green soup with potatoes, barley, variety of beans, green beans and celery. You can season with their salt-pepper for more flavor. The soups at most vegetarian Colombian restaurant are not very salty, which suits everyone and to have the option to add more salt.


Guava Puree You will see this very often at most vegetarian Colombian restaurants. It is a sweetened fruit puree and very tasty.


Lulo and Papaya fresh juices Whilst visiting Bogotá, lulo is one of the local fruits you should try, it is also known as the little orange as the juice is yellowish green. It is traditionally grown in the mountainous regions of Central America and Colombia. The flavor is often described as a combination of rhubarb and lime. The natural juices at Naturalmente are slightly diluted. The papaya fresh juice has no sweetener or intense flavor at all. I highly recommend trying their berry-related, lulo, uva, or other tart-based fruit juices. The lulo juice was our favorite juice of that day.


Main Course For the vegan main course, we had quinoa patty [Medallon De Quinoa], rice with corn [Arroz con choclo], eggplant tempura [Tempura de Berenjena], and veggie salad with beet and tomato [Ensalada de Hortalizas].

On our first day at Naturalmente, this was an impressive local dish, and it is not too heavy for lunch. We felt very satisfied on our first day, with a healthy meal in our stomach. Quinoa is a very common ingredient in most Colombian dishes. The gravy tasted beautiful and the quinoa patty was tasty.


Bogotá: Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano A very delicious vegan Colombian main course. Everything is all made from scratch and of natural ingredients.


Bogotá: Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano When you arrive, you will see a busy kitchen on the left.

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