Bogotá: Restaurante WOK

18th March 2013

Restaurante WOK is a vegan-friendly Colombian restaurant chain, serving a variety of Asian cuisines. There are 11 locations as of February 2013. The restaurant has clearly-marked vegetarian options on the menu, but some dishes contain eggs (huevos) or honey (miel) which I will specify later in this post. The waitresses are very attentive to our dietary needs, and they are very well aware of ingredients such as eggs and dairy in their dishes. If you are in need of a bit of Asian cuisine in Bogotá, I would recommend Restaurante WOK, but you will need to be prepared to explain your dietary needs in Spanish because in our experience, none of the staff spoke or understood English. If you have a portable device, you can always use their free Wi-Fi (you need to ask one of them for password) to translate your requests or menu. Please check with the server because it is always possible that ingredients could change.


Bogotá: Restaurante WOK: Curry Rojo Tailandés Con Tofu (sin nam-pla), which is Thai Red Curry with Tofu and no Fish Sauce in Spanish. The restaurant clearly knows that it can be made strictly vegetarian without the use of fish sauce and meat.


Bogotá: Restaurante WOK: Interior of the restaurant and outdoor seating. I would recommend arriving early as it opens or mid-afternoon (3-4pm) on weekdays. At some locations, weekends are always packed and it is hard to get a spot. Outdoor seating can be very calm during warmer weather.


Bogotá: Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano: Entrance of the restaurant. It is a very modern looking eatery, but it can be very noisy when it is packed.

We went to the one next to El Museo Nacional de Colombia, which is one of the oldest museums in Colombia. This location opens daily except for other locations, which is a good thing because most vegetarian restaurants close on Sundays.

Restaurante WOK
Carrera 6 # 29-07,
Bogotá, Colombia
Tele: +57 (1) 287 3194
Website | Twitter | Facebook

Mon – Thurs: 12:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 12:00 am – 10:30 pm
Sun and Holiday: 12:00 am – 6:00 pm

Menu is available online via comida. Please note dishes may change over time.

vegan options at restaurante wok

We dined at Restaurante Wok three times during our 1-month stay and questioned nearly all the vegetarian dishes. Please check with the server because it is always possible that ingredients could change. I will be starting from Page 1 and onward from their online menu. My main advice is to avoid any tempura or breaded dishes because they contain egg.

Inform the staff that you cannot eat honey (miel), eggs (huevos), and dairy (lacteos), or write them down.

Here are dishes that can be served vegan, usually seen in the green boxes or with the green word, VEGGIE:

1. Yasai gyoza
2. Yasai chili gyoza
3. Edamame
4. Tacos laab with tofu stir fry (sin nam-pla), means without fish sauce
5. Veggie spring roll
6. Ensalada wok con tofu ahumado
7. Asian slaw
8. Vermicelli stir fry con tofu ahumado (please avoid other noodle and ramen dishes due to egg)
9. Buda bowl
10. Bowl Macrobiotico
11. Tofu agridulce
12. Ensalada de hojas de tofu
13. Baguette Indochino (Veggie) without the cebolla tempura (request no tempura)
14. Curry Rojo Tailandés con tofu (sin nam-pla), without fish sauce
15. Curry a la limonaria con tofu (sin nam-pla), without fish sauce

★ denotes favorite

I have not tried their sushi selections. They are sort of pricey for my taste and most sushi contain dairy, plus they cost more than the main dishes we tried.

our vegan meals

Here is a collection of our vegan meals at Restaurante Wok. My favorite vegan dishes so far are the two curries, bowl macrobiotico and Tofu agridulce. They are all very tasty and not bad for Asian cuisine in Bogotá. They also carry smoothies and fresh juices.


Bogotá: Restaurante WOK Interior of the restaurant. We dined there around 3pm on a weekday, which was slightly empty. Very nice ambiance.



Bogotá: Restaurante WOK Exterior. This is what it looks like at Museo Nacional location. Pretty noticeable. Note below, the door is always locked and managed by a security guard to prevent theft, I assume.



Jugo: Gili Gili This is Doni’s favorite drink. It is a spicy and sweet smoothie with tamarind, pineapple and ginger. It helped clear up your congestion a bit. $5.600 (COP).


Jugo: Tropicana I am a sweet type. The juice contains mango, orange, banana and passion fruit. It is a tasty cold smoothie. $5.500 (COP).


Jugo: Maracuyá Another tasty passion fruit smoothie. I personally prefer a variety just like the Tropicana juice above, but slightly cheaper. $4.800 (COP).


Bebida Raw: Banano y Cacao I assure you, this is a very good raw dessert drink. I can barely finish it. Doni had to finish it for me. If you want a vegan dessert at Restaurante Wok, go with this raw beverage. It is a raw nut-based beverage with ground cacao, banana, cinnamon, coconut and dates. Tastes very rich, creamy, gritty and lovely. $6.900 (COP).


Bowl Macrobiotico (Macrobiotic) This is a tasty, healthy and clean eating dish consisting of brown rice, squash, salted kale, seaweed, avocado, azuki beans, sprouts and sesame served with tahini-miso sauce with dill, olive oil and a lime wedge. It is just simply 100% vegan and macrobiotic. $12.900 (COP).


Tofu Agridulce (Sweet n’ Sour Tofu) This is one of their delicious stir fry vegetarian dishes, that I highly recommend to vegan diners. Tofu breaded in rice flour and sesame, sautéed with pineapple, bell peppers, red onions, cucumbers in a vegetarian sweet and sour sauce, soy sauce and scallions. It comes with one bowl of rice, which is adequate for a couple like us. You can request another bowl of white rice for $4.000 (COP). otherwise that dish was fantastic. $10.900 (COP).


Yasai chili gyoza (5 pieces) This is one of their vegetarian appetizers, but a bit pricey. The appetizer costs nearly as much as the tofu dish above. In my opinion, they looked like fried veggie won-tons in an oily chili and soy sauce dressing. The dish wasn’t spicy at all. I prefer the dressing to be separate, otherwise the gyozas would be soggy. The gyozas contain shiitake, oyster mushroom, ginger, and “pines” which I could not identify in Spanish. $9.900 (COP).


Veggie Spring Roll (2 pieces) Stuffed spring rolls with smoked tofu, vegetables, shitake, vermicelli, soy sauce and sesame oil, served with spicy sweet and sour sauce. The spring rolls were better than the gyozas. $8.900 (COP).


Curry Rojo Tailandés Con Tofu (Sin Pam-Pla) – Red Thai Curry with Tofu (No Fish Sauce) A red curry prepared with coconut milk, Thai eggplant, squash, red onion, and basil. It is a tasty curry served with a bowl of rice. We had the dish twice. My favorite part was the squash. $17.900 (COP).



Curry a la limonaria Con Tofu (Sin Pam-Pla) – Lemongrass Curry with Tofu (No Fish Sauce) It is a dry Cambodian curry with lemongrass, fresh vegetables, and peanuts without fish sauce. I did not taste the lemongrass at all. It is primarily tofu in a dry curry base with flavors, but not very spicy at all. Most dishes we’d tried at Restaurante Wok were not very spicy. $14.900 (COP).


Tacos Laab con Tofu Stir Fry (Sin Nam-Pla) Sin Nam-Pla denotes without fish sauce. It is a seasoned stir fry tofu wrapped in lettuces. The tacos laab wasn’t very spicy, plus it is a bit bland. I think it needs more boost and flavor. This is not a favorite of mine. I would probably suggest trying their veggie spring roll for more flavor. $6.900 (COP).


Vermicelli Stir Fry Con Tofu Ahumado (with Smoked Tofu) This is a pretty pricey vegan noodle dish (15.600 COP), and is one of the vegetarian noodle dishes. Unfortunately their other noodle dishes are not vegan because they contain egg-based noodles. The vermicelli dish comes with shiitake mushrooms, ginger, soybeans and fresh cilantro. I wasn’t fond of that dish due to the bland and smoky flavor, even though it was vegan. I would suggest trying their hearty curries for flavor. $15.600 (COP).



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