Bogotá: Bici Burger

4th March 2013

We have been in Bogotá for two weeks already and it has been a wonderful vegan journey so far. Last week, we tried five different vegan burgers by Bici Burger which was founded in 2012. Bici Burger is a small bike-based food delivery business that delivers healthy and vegan burgers, serving central Bogotá! It is also environmentally conscious, utilizing bicycles to deliver food orders.

Bici Burger only delivers vegan burgers within Calle 100 to Calle 45, and from Carrera 7 to 30. We live off Calle 26 and from Carrera 10, which is outside of their delivery zone, but the owner was very nice to deliver in my area due to the fact that we are visiting.

Bogotá: Bici Burger, Vegan Smoked Patty Burger

If you are visiting Bogotá, add their facebook. The owner wrote a bit of English. Chat with Bici Burger via FB to make your order. You will need to message them via FB one day before or early morning to make your order. Otherwise you can contact them by phone, 3012134441 if you know oral Spanish.

Bici Burger delivers lunch (M-F 12pm-6pm) serving five different vegan burgers:

1. Smoked Soy Patty (Soja Ahumada)
2. Traditional Soy Patty (Soja Tradicional)
3. Garbanzo Patty (Garbanzo)
4. Pea Patty (Arveja)
5. Bacon and Soy Patty (BBQ Con Tocineta)

All burgers come with three different vegan sauces: garlic mayo (mayonesa de ajo), black olive mayo (mayonesa de aceitunas negras), sweet onion maple sauce (salsa de cebollas dulces en maple syrup).

Each burger costs $7.000 (Colombian pesos, COP)

If you order more than one burger, each burger costs $6.000 (COP). Delivery is included for free.

Some burgers contain hydroponic lettuces such as the Pea Patty, Garbanzo Patty and Smoked Soy Patty. I am not sure about the Bacon & Soy Patty since it is special burger of the day. All the burgers appeared and tasted very healthy and wholesome, without looking so greasy or heavy.

You will receive a white package with a business sticker on it. There is a traditional soy patty burger in the package.

I realized for every burger you order, you will receive a miniature animal figurine. That is a cute concept and indeed a great souvenir from Bogotá.

I received five figurines: two wolves, one red rooster and two blue birds. I would love to see some new ones next time.

We ordered five burgers: two burger packages in each bag, so three recyclable paper bags in total. We ordered our burgers in the late morning, and the delivery came around 1pm, exactly what the owner estimated. It would be nice to place these burgers in an awesome eco-friendly bag promoting the business name, Bici Burger.

Black Olive Mayo, Garlic Mayo and Sweet Onion & Maple Sauce, all sauces are made vegan and homemade. My favorite one was the garlic mayo and sweet onion & maple syrup. I’m not a fan of black olives, but my partner Doni liked it.

Smoked Soy Patty Burger (Soja Ahumada)

The first two photos of the smoked soy patty burger are taken by my partner, Doni. This is our second favorite Bici burger, tied with Pea Patty (Arveja).

It is a smoked soy patty burger with spices, with baked tomatoes with oregano, arugula, hydroponic lettuce and a big tomato slice. The flavor has a mild smokiness, and it goes well with all of the three vegan sauces. The veggies are fresh, you will need to eat the burgers quickly before the buns get soggy. The fillings are okay when you leave the burgers out for a couple of hours.

Traditional Soy Patty (Soja Tradicional)

This is Bici Burger’s traditional and standard burger, which has the most attractive presentation in photos. It is a spiced soy patty burger with baked beet slice and parsley on the top that comes with romaine lettuce and a big tomato slice. I liked the big beet slice, which is sweet, and it goes well with a savoury mayo such as black olive or garlic. This is my least favorite one since it is a bit plain.

Garbanzo Patty (Garbanzo)

It is a garbanzo patty burger with eggplant tempura, hydroponic lettuce and a big tomato slice. The garbanzo patty was crunchier than the soy patty or pea patty. I could taste the eggplant tempura very well. This burger is in need of more flavors, such as all of the three vegan sauces combined. The Garbanzo has the least flavor in all burgers, but it is interesting to see a plant-based patty that can be made easily for gluten-free diet (if there are gluten-free buns available).

Pea Patty (Arveja)

The Arveja is a pea patty burger with ginger and carrot tortilla (more like a loosen mix on the top), hydroponic lettuce and a big tomato slice. This is our second favorite burger, tied with smoked patty burger (Soja Ahumada). The flavor is a bit Asian, and it goes very well with the sweet onion & maple vegan sauce. It is a tasty burger.

Bacon & Soy Patty (BBQ Con Tocineta)

This is Bici Burger’s newest burger as of February 2013, BBQ Con Tocineta. You can see visible vegan bacon strips and a spiced, slightly darker soy patty. This is our favorite burger. We loved the mild hickory flavor and the more flavored soy patty (a bit crunchier). It comes with lettuce and a big tomato slice. The burger goes really well with the sweet onion & maple sauce, which takes away the smokiness.

bici burger

The bacon strips looked very unique compared to some vegan bacon I have tried in the U.S.

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