Bogotá: Felipan Panadería Restaurante Chocolatería

11th March 2013

Felipan Panadería Restaurante Chocolatería was one of the vegetarian restaurants listed in Happy Cow Bogotá, Colombia. The restaurant is located in Chapinero locality, of northeastern Bogotá. Felipan opens for lunch on Monday to Saturday from noon to 3pm, and we went there for lunch. I would recommend getting there slightly before noon. We went there around 11:55am and got the first table before it became crowded after 12:15pm.

Felipan Panadería Restaurante Chocolatería, Bogotá, Colombia Signage and front entrance.


Felipan Panadería Restaurante Chocolatería, Bogotá, Colombia Front Entrance, the restaurant is located on the 2nd floor and their bakery is on the 1st floor. Be sure to arrive early. It is usually busy after 12:15pm.


Felipan Panadería Restaurante Chocolatería, Bogotá, Colombia Vegan main course from the lunch set

Felipan Panadería Restaurante Chocolatería
Calle 51 # 9 – 73,
Bogotá, Colombia
felipe(at) |

Bakery: Mon – Fri 7am – 9pm, Sat 8am – 4pm
Lunch: Mon – Sat 12pm- 3pm
Dinner: Mon- Fri 5pm – 8pm

Menu changes daily (posted on Facebook)
Lunch for 10.000 per person (includes soup, main course, fresh juice and dessert)

Felipan is a 100% vegetarian restaurant and bakery, but serves some dishes and desserts that contain dairy. For strict vegan diets like me, please contact the chef and owner of the restaurant, Felipe in advance (give a few days) about your vegan requests, felipe(at) He will be happy to arrange something vegan for you and indicate what day you will be coming to dine at. Felipe writes and speaks some English.

We notified Felipe via e-mail and he informed us that on February 23th, his menu would be mostly vegan except for the dessert. It wasn’t that hard to identify Felipe, because he has a mohawk on the back. Wave hello to Felipe (or ask the waitress for Felipe) and state that you are vegan and the one that emailed him. Then everything will be go smoothly! Based on my observations, Felipe is the only person in the kitchen that speaks and understands some English.

our vegan lunch (10.000 per person)

Lunch set includes soup, main course, fresh juice and dessert. Most desserts are not vegan (if some, Felipe will tell you), and Felipe made sure that these weren’t served to us.


★ Guanábana (or Soupsop) OR Hibiscus juices [Jugo de Guanabana y Agua de Jamaica]
★ Purée of Celery Soup [Crema de apio]
★ Garbanzo Puff Pastry [Milhoja de garbanzo], Quinoa with Carrots [Zanahoria con quinoa] and Fried Plantain [patacón de guineo]
★ NO DESSERT because it is not vegan.

The menu items are written in Spanish on their chalkboard. Bring an offline Spanish dictionary if you do not read Spanish very well (like I do).


Felipe, the owner and chef of Felipan Restaurante, is known for having an awesome mohawk hair on the back in case if you look for him. The restaurant is very small, so it shouldn’t be a problem to identify him.


This is a small seating area, be sure to arrive early than noon to get your table.


Crema de Apio For the soup, we had a [Crema de apio], or purée of celery soup with grissini (pencil-sized sticks of crisp, dry breadsticks). I notice that some vegetarians had a pastry that contain dairy. Instead, we had grissini, which is vegan. The soup is beautifully aromatic with a bit of flavor. I had to add some salt and pepper [sal y pimienta] because I like mine a bit savoury and peppery. Based on my weekly observations, most soups in vegetarian restaurants in Bogotá taste mild without the use of many seasonings, but remain hearty with wholesome and healthy ingredients such as grains and all sorts of beans.


Jugo de Guanabana y Agua de Jamaica On the left, a glass of Guanábana (or Soupsop) juice and on the right, a glass of hibiscus or flor de Jamaica juice. I love both of them, while Guanábana has slightly pulpy juice. I could tell they were juiced fresh, without the use of artificial sugar or preservatives. I like my juices without the use of sweetener since I appreciate the flavor of these fruits.


Milhoja de garbanzo, Zanahoria con quinoa y patacón de guineo For the main course, there are fried plantain, garbanzo puff pastry and quinoa with carrots. The main course comes with a nutty salad with fig vinaigrette, which provides a sweet and savory taste. The garbanzo puff pastry is very filling. It is like a savory hummus pie. Like I mentioned, some vegetarian dishes tend to be mild without the use of salt and seasoning, which are perfect for everyone. I can add salt and pepper anytime if I need something salty or peppery.


We were very full from the soups and main courses including a full glass of fresh juice. It was unnecessary to have a dessert.

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