Las Vegas: Ronald’s Donuts

21st March 2013

We always stop at Ronald’s Donuts when we’re in Vegas. No exceptions. We love this place. Ronald’s Donuts is a fairly nondescript donut shop in a small strip mall in the Chinatown of Las Vegas, located West of the famous strip. Cambodian couple Henry and Janie Kang have an exceptional selection of classic donut varieties, with the majority of their donuts being entirely vegan. If you’re unsure about which donuts are vegan, simply ask and they’ll kindly assist you. The casual local vibe in this place makes it an unpretentious and satisfying stop for hearty and traditional donuts. Ronald’s Donuts opens at 4am on weekdays and 5am on weekends. We often enjoy making an early morning stop here before heading out to Red Rock Canyon or the Hoover Dam – those early hours also make it a convenient stop before an early morning flight. The best way to get to Ronald’s is by renting a car since it’s located off the strip and a fair distance from most hotels. There are other vegan options in Chinatown and plenty of interesting sights off the strip that make it worth renting a car in Vegas.


Some drooling vegan donuts photos for you, our favorite is the vegan Boston Cream donut. Ronald’s Donuts offers a variety of delicious vegan donuts, for about a dollar each.

Most of the donut selection is vegan (top 2 rows, sometimes the bottom row on the right). Just ask the staff which donuts are vegan and they will point them out for you. It is best to go in the early morning when the donuts are fresh and they have a full selection.


Front entrance of this donut shop. The shop is quite simple but has a lot of character inside.


A nostalgic (and massive) vegan Apple Fritter, shown on the top right. These donuts are huge in person and taste like good old school apple fritters.

Las Vegas: Ronald’s Donuts: Meet the couple, Henry and Janie. The very humble, generous and lovely owners of Ronald’s Donuts.


Las Vegas: Ronald’s Donuts: Ronald’s donuts is every bit classic Americana. With the basic bench seating, the simple menu board behind the large glass donut display case and the early opening hours it has a very down to earth and retro vibe to it. The shop was empty when we arrived shortly after they opened at 4am but a constant stream of customers began to arrive before we departed with our donuts. Did you know that they also offer soy milk for your coffee?


Even more huge and delicious vegan donuts. You will see plenty of cinnamon twists on the left and the cinnamon maple glazed donuts with peanuts on the top right.


Henry the owner, packing our vegan donuts. It would be nice if they can label their donuts and specify which are vegan, without having to ask but they are always very helpful. The rectangular donuts with chocolate and maple glaze on the bottom row are also vegan.


Two shelves featuring Ronald’s gorgeous vegan donuts, including our favorite – the Boston Cream donuts. Boston cream donuts are raised donuts with vanilla cream filling and chocolate icing on top.




These were taken around 4:00 am. Doni and I are early risers when it comes to traveling in the U.S., and there’s nothing better than grabbing some vegan donuts before catching a stunning sunrise in the desert.

Ronald’s Donuts

4600 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Tele: (702) 873-1032
Mon – Fri: 4:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sat: 5:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sun: 5:00 am – 2:00 pm

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