Mexico City: Nevería Roxy

1st May 2012

Nevería Roxy

Location & Hours & Notes

  • We went to Nevería Roxy in the Condesa area. There is one in Polanco area as well, but I highly recommend the Condesa location due to large space. Tamaulipas #161 Hipódromo Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México, DF, Mexico
  • Opens Monday to Sunday 11:00am to 8:00pm
  • Old-fashioned ice cream parlour
  • It is vegan-friendly as long as you request nieve (water ice or sorbet).
  • Two choices: traditional Mexican nieves or American-style helados
  • Bola grande (big scoop): $18 pesos and bola chica (small scoop): $15 pesos
  • Get a bola grande scoop if you want an enjoyable, lasting nieve or fruit sorbet and make sure you get it without a cone since it may not be vegan (I have not asked, but most cones are not vegan). I got mine in a traditional glass cup.

Nevería Roxy

Nevería Roxy

Nevería Roxy’s Nieve Flavours

  • Chicozapote
  • Fresa
  • Guanábana
  • Guayaba
  • Lima
  • Limón
  • Mamey – I tried the flavour and it tasted smooth and delicious if you tasted an actual mamey before. It made the sorbet creamier due to its thick, but soft texture. I would get it again.
  • Mandarina
  • Maracuyá
  • Melón
  • Naranja
  • Piña
  • Tamarindo – It is always unique to try anything with tamarind in Mexico, but the sweetness from the tamarind gives the nieve a very sweet, a bit nutty and tangy flavour. It is a very unique flavour coming from a homemade nieve.
  • Zapote
  • Zarzamora

Nevería Roxy
Nevería Roxy’s Tamarind Nieve

Nevería Roxy
Nevería Roxy’s Mamey Nieve

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