Mexico City: The Vegan Nutella, 70% Cacao

28th April 2012

Every Sunday morning in La Condesa, Mexico City, Plaza Rio de Janeiro hosts a small Farmer’s market. It was the smallest Farmer’s market I have ever seen from around the world. There is only one stand that appeals to me, that sells Cusibani organic spices & alcohol especially this mysterious vegan “Nutella-version” product I would like to feature.


I would like to introduce this $100 pesos (~$7.70 since 04/28/2012) amazing, delicious, to-die-for vegan cacao spread containing 70% cacao, the “Dxuladi.” It is an expensive find and a worthy product to have around the kitchen especially if you are staying for a longer term in Mexico City, DF. There is something unique about Dxuladi cacao spread: the gritty, organic cacao base you can taste from the bottom of the jar, and the light, sticky chocolate texture from the syrup. The native cacao beans are grown in “La casa de los Jabalíes” (Pichucalco, Chiapas Mexico).

Cocoa paste, cinnamon, vanilla, agave syrup and coconut cream.

Suggested Uses:
Confectionery, soy or other milk, water, coffee as well as ice cream & fruit. Also used as a spread on bread or crackers.



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