Portland: Farm Spirit

24th October 2016

Portland is known for being a vegan-friendly city, with far too many vegan options to really list. One of the more unique and special establishments in Portland though is Farm Spirit. With its focus on locally sourced ingredients and dedication to honoring the horticulture of Cascadia, dinner at Farm Spirit is sure to be memorable. The restaurant is entirely vegan and offers two services a night, four days a week. Each service is a tasting menu, highlighting the best local and seasonal ingredients. (A gluten-free option is available upon request)

Farm Spirit restaurant front

The passion and enthusiasm that the chefs have for local ingredients is endearing. The cozy 14-seat dining room is set up at an L shaped bar, where you can observe and interact with the small team of chefs. Each course is meticulously plated and service can at times seem a bit rapid. Each plate hits the table and once finished is quickly cleared away for the next course. The food and flavors were clean throughout our meal but we consistently wanted a bit more seasoning and spice. There’s a frequent use of fermentation that provides a sourness to many dishes , but this isn’t the sort of fermentation that will bring the pungent funk we often enjoy in Asian cuisines.

Chef Aaron at Farm Spirit Vegan Restaurant, Portland

Dinner at Farm Spirit is an experience. From start to finish you will be impressed with the service and the food. The chefs put on a good show with their knowledge of ingredients, masterful use of refined cooking techniques and dedication to fresh, locally sourced, seasonal produce. We enjoyed our meal at Farm Spirit and believe it’s worth visiting at least once if you’re ever in Portland. We would, however, love to see bigger flavors incorporated into these small bites to elevate the food to the same level as the rest of the experience.

Reservations are required and can be made directly through Farm Spirit. They use a ticketing system, as described below from the Farm Spirit website:

Much like going to a concert or the theater, we pre-sell tickets to our dinners. Tickets are put on sale on the first of each month for the following month. For example, July tickets will go on sale on June 1st.

Tickets price varies by service and day, ranging from $60 to $80 per person. You also have the option of pre-purchasing wine or non-alcoholic pairings with your meal. An 18% standard fee is added at the time of purchase. You also have the option of purchasing beverage flights or a la carte beverages when you arrive the night of.

Vegan Menu October 2016 at Farm Spirit Restaurant

20th October 2016, Vegan Menu at Farm Spirit, Portland, OR

Housemade bread, mushroom tea and kombuchas

Clockwise from top left: Housemade rye bread with cultured sunflower butter; Mushroom tea; Their non-alcholic drink menu consists of housemade kombuchas, kefirs, shrubs and ginger beers.

Kohlrabi Taco, Herb Fritter, Beetroot fermented mushroom and filbert at Farm Spirit

Clockwise from top left: Kohlrabi taco, cumin spiced walnut, pepita cream, purslane and cilantro; Herb fritter and tomato marmalade; Beetroot, fermented mushroom and filbert, smoked beet puree, frilly mustards and fried filberts

Pan roasted roots, brussels with butternut-hazelnut veloute, abalone mushroom at Farm Spirit

Clockwise from top left: Pan roasted roots, purple cabbage puree, tarragon and popped quinoa; Brussels, butternut-hazelnut veloute, black garlic, red jalapeño and fermented sunflower; Abalone mushroom, celeriac puree, lovage oil, huckleberry-nasturtium sauce

Dessert, kefir and takeaway breakfast at Farm Spirit

Clockwise from top left: Poached pear, chestnut cream, hazelnut cookie, verjus gel and anise; Golden raspberry kefir; Takeaway for Breakfast Beet-Quince Cake made by Chef Rico

 Takeaway for Breakfast Beet-Quince Cake made by Chef Rico

Takeaway beet-quince bread for breakfast the following morning, made by Chef Rico.


Farm Spirit

1414 SE Morrison Street, Portland, OR 97202
Two services a night, 4 days a week (Wednesday-Saturday)

Our meal at Farm Spirit was complimentary, we were not asked or obligated to review our experience. All opinions are our own.

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