Amy Colleen: Ahn Hyun Pil Healthy Buffet + Garobee Buffet, Seoul, South Korea

25th August 2013

Over the past week I’ve visited two different vegan buffets in Seoul: Ahn Hyun Pil Healthy Buffet and Garobee Buffet. Both of them are very good, similar concepts at each buffet.

First I went to Ahn Hyun Pil Healthy Buffet (안현필 건강 밥상). At this buffet they believe in wholesome foods from vegetables and not relying on a whole lot of soy based foods. They also believe in taking your time to enjoy and eat your food for digestion and well being. There wasn’t too much of a spread of food but just enough for you to enjoy it and understand their concept.

Ahn Hyun Pil Healthy Buffet (안현필 건강 밥상), @ Daerim Station

address: 서울시 구로구 구로4동 123-13
hours: Buffet service: 11:30am – 7pm, Closed on Saturdays and Sundays
price: Average around 9,000 won.

Amy Colleen: Ahn Hyun Pil Healthy Buffet, Seoul, South Korea

On my plate from left to right: purple rice, japchae, eggplant banchan(side dish), spinach banchan, soybean banchan, soy beef, and finally pajeon.

There are two of my favourite dishes on this plate which would be pajeon and japchae. I probably could live off of those two things! Sooooo yummmy!!!

(I apologize I couldn’t get many images of the food layout in both buffets as it was difficult with so many people.)

Second buffet I went too was Garobee which is located in Gangnam. It is a lot more expensive than Ahn Hyun Pil but it was worth the price. Garobee has a bigger layout of food too. It goes hand in hand at both buffets for their prices. The layout of food was a lot of Korean food, and also some Japanese food.

Garobee Buffet, near Gangnam Station

address: Line 2, exit 11. Sohyun Bldg, 813-8, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea (behind the CGV building.)
contact: Tele: 02-566-7545
hours: Lunch: 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm • Dinner: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
prices: 15,000 won for weekday lunches • 17,000 won for weekday dinners, weekends and holidays.

Amy Colleen: Garobee Buffet, Seoul, South Korea

First plate from left to right: (Actually I have no idea what banchan those stick looking thing is called, but it tasted good.)

Soy beef bulgogi: For those who don’t know what bulgogi is, it’s a Korean beef dish that is usually cooked on a grill. Next, soy chicken katsu which really tasted like chicken nuggets. Steamed kabocha squash, cucumber banchan, eggplant banchan, kimchi, and a tofu pocket!

Amy Colleen: Garobee Buffet, Seoul, South Korea

This is tofu soup, and I am going to be really blunt about this one. If you do not like a lot of flavourless or bland food, you will not enjoy this at all.

I am not too much of a big fan of bland foods so this wasn’t really a great dish for me.

Amy Colleen: Garobee Buffet, Seoul, South Korea

Second plate: more soy bulgogi, I really enjoy it! Broccoli tempura with some sort of cream sauce, pajeon of course 😉 more katsu, and kabocha squash!

I generally don’t eat “fried” foods but I figured it would be good to try them anyways, and I was right! It’s totally worth it.

Amy Colleen: Garobee Buffet, Seoul, South Korea

Dessert/dinner cleanse plate: At the top was a Korean bean bread dessert. I forgot what it was called, sorry! Lychee, Korean melon and watermelon! Washed it all down with some plum tea 🙂

I recommend both of these restaurants to everyone.


I apologize some of the locations are written in Korean. If you have questions regarding the restaurant name & address in Korean or the dish, feel free to leave a comment.

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Amy Colleen
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