Arlingtons Tapioca & Rice Puddings Review

12th January 2015

Arlingtons Tapioca & Rice Puddings

All the way back in 2010, during our first trip to Australia when we spent a week in Sydney, we discovered these scrumptiously tropical and indulgent vegan tapioca puddings from Arlingtons. Two things caught our eye: They are vegan and they are available in Passionfruit flavor. Say no more, because that’s all I needed to know to try them!

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Arlingtons is a small family owned company from Seaforth, Sydney (NSW). They operate an entirely vegetarian kitchen and are passionate about producing great tasting, all natural gourmet products. Having steadily grown for over 20 years, Arlingtons products can be found in NSW, Victoria and the ACT.

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available in

5 tapioca flavors and the recently added Black Rice Pudding. All 6 products are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, preservative-free, all natural and lovingly hand-made. Products are sweetened with a combination of sugar and stevia.

where to purchase

Available exclusively in Australia in NSW, Victoria and the ACT. Visit Arlingtons for the most current list of stockists.

Arlingtons Tapioca & Rice Puddings

Arlingtons Tapioca & Rice Puddings

“A creamy, fruity treat that’s gentle on stomachs and enjoyed by everybody from toddlers to age 100+. The lunchbox friendly tub is perfect as a refreshing fruity treat in summer, or gently heat as a winter warmer.” — Arlingtons


the verdict

We’re amazed by the fact that Arlingtons manages to make something that we see so rarely seem so easy! With their coconut tapioca pudding containing just 6 ingredients and the fruit flavors containing only 7 ingredients (the same 6 from the coconut plus fresh fruit), Arlingtons has crafted lovely, fresh and natural guilt-free treats. Along with the 5 tapioca flavors, Arlingtons recently added Black Rice Pudding to their product line.

All 6 products are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, preservative-free, all natural and lovingly hand-made. Products are sweetened with a combination of sugar and stevia. We found that the use of stevia in conjunction with sugar helped to reduce the unpleasant mouthfeel and aftertaste we usually encounter with stevia.

Products are 220g and packaged in recyclable and solidly constructed reusable plastic containers.


Arlingtons Banana Tapioca Pudding

I didn’t expect to like this flavor but it turned out to be one our favorites. The banana is creamier and more delicate than some of the other flavors. The sweeter than expected banana flavor is reminiscent of a banana cream pie!

Black Rice

Arlingtons Black Rice Pudding

This firm, somewhat chewy, black jasmine rice has more texture than the tapiocas and also isn’t as sweet. A filling snack and such a lovely dark color. I prefer a softer rice pudding, but I can appreciate the firm texture and rich nutty flavor of the black rice. Heartier and less sweet alternative to the tapiocas.


Arlingtons  Coconut

This is the original, or plain, variety but there’s nothing plain about this tropical coconut flavor. This lovely, creamy coconut snack is indulgent without being heavy. Perfect for anyone who loves coconut and a perfect foundation for adding fresh fruit as well!


Arlingtons Mango Tapioca Pudding

Lacked the strong, ripe mango flavor I wanted. The stevia flavor was more prominent and upfront in the Mango tapioca than any other flavor. Mango wasn’t as tart as the raspberry or passionfruit and also not as sweet as the banana.


Arlingtons Passionfruit Tapioca Pudding

This was the first flavor we ever tried all the way back in Sydney in 2010. A longstanding favorite of ours and what motivated us to try the entire Arlingtons lineup. We love the sweet tanginess and tart tropical Passionfruit flavors. No pips in here so it’s easy to eat as well.


Arlingtons Raspberry Tapioca Pudding

Raspberry is lusciously red and creamy and one of the fruitier flavors available. It’s tangy and tart and vaguely reminiscent of red fruit candy. Subtle stevia notes in the aftertaste and slight stevia mouthfeel but not as prominent as it is in the mango.

Arlingtons Raspberry Tapioca Pudding

Disclosure: We contacted them regarding product samples and they kindly provided these products for review. All reviews are our own personal opinions, we have not been compensated to provide feedback, positive or otherwise.

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