Farmer Jo Muesli Review

28th January 2015

We love that Australians have a distinct appreciation for fresh, simple foods; why else would the natural wonder of avocado on toast be so popular? The only breakfast staple more ubiquitous than avo on toast though is the Australian classic of muesli. Sure, in the US we have muesli, but I swear it’s nothing like the muesli you get in Australia. Whereas American producers tend be heavy handed with the sugars, additives or preservatives; the demand in Australia is for a more natural muesli balanced with the best possible combination of oats, grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and berries.

At our local organic and natural foods store in Melbourne we spotted the most tempting muesli from Farmer Jo – with eye-catching packaging and a revealing little window showing off those golden toasted oats, dried fruits and alluring nuts and seeds. Starting the day with a bowl of coconut yogurt and Farmer Jo muesli became a morning routine, one that kept us going all morning long as we criss-crossed the city on foot.

Farmer Jo Muesli Australia


Farmer Jo is a small family-owned company founded in the Sydney inner-city suburb of Surry Hills in 2010. It has been their dream to deliver oaty delights using only premium ingredients and bold flavors and textures. Small batch production methods utilizing ingredients sourced directly whenever possible ensures that Farmer Jo has captured the local culture and demand for responsibly sourced and produced premium muesli. Along with their delicious muesli lines, they also make a gluten-free, organic and fermented dairy-free coconut yogurt.

“Known for their playful packaging & decadent muesli, Farmer Jo’s kitchen is a busy little place constantly producing new and adventurous muesli blends. Delivering daily to all the best cafes and retailers across Australia as well as international airlines including Virgin and Qantas.”

Every little bag is delivered with the personalized message…”WANT ME EAT ME LOVE ME”.

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available in

Available in 13 varieties, a number of which are seasonal. All products are gluten-free and preservative free and use Australian ingredients whenever possible.

Currently two mueslis contain honey – Burnt Fig & Cinnamon Almond Toasted Muesli and Twice Baked Honey Granola with Pistachio & Quinoa.

Farmer Jo also has a fermented dairy-free coconut yogurt that is gluten-free, paleo, nut-free and contains no added sugar.

where to purchase

Farmer Jo products are available directly from their online store and all orders include free shipping within Australia.

Farmer Jo is available in select stores across Australia. They also have distribution in a limited number of international markets including China and Hong Kong.

Look for Farmer Jo soon in New York, where they plan to open a granola cafe in Williamsburg and have their products available on store shelves as well!

For updates on where you can find Farmer Jo, visit their Facebook or their current list of stockists here.

Farmer Jo Muesli

Farmer Jo Muesli

Farmer Jo Muesli

Farmer Jo Muesli

Green Apple & Roasted Almond

Farmer Jo Green Apple and Roasted Almond

Ingredients (450 g): Wholegrain rolled oats, spelt, rye, dried granny smith apples, almonds, dried muscatels, vanilla, orange oil, and spices.

Very oaty with large chunks of dried muscatels, dried apples and almonds providing the texture. Finished with ample spices, cinnamon and cardamom standing out among them. Flavors are reminiscent of a spiced apple pie. This one needs a bit of milk or yogurt since it’s very dry. I could see using this in a bake mix, porridge or for making some cookies. Similar to the Smashed Berry Bircher muesli.

Macadamia Quinoa & Pineapple

Farmer Jo Macadamia Quinoa and Pineapple

Ingredients (300 g): Rice bran cereal, pepitas, macadamia nuts, organic peanuts, golden syrup, puffed corn, sunflower oil, coconut chips, rice flakes, organic puffed quinoa, dried pineapple and lemon zest.

Has an appearance like a sweet cereal due to the golden puffed corn and puffed quinoa but in actuality it isn’t very sweet. The dried pineapples provide a bit of sweetness but overall it could do with more pineapples to give it an added tartness. A satisfying muesli for a meal or a snack. Has the best texture of all the mueslis, with a variety of enjoyable crunchy bits. This muesli tends to separate more than the others though so be sure to stir or shake it up before serving.

Paleo Raw Muesli

Farmer Jo Paleo Raw Muesli

Ingredients (400 g): Organic almond, organic sunflower seed, organic brazil nut, organic coconut (Shredded), organic pepitas, organic sultana, organic coconut (chip), organic flaxseed, organic currant.

Wow. Simpler really is better because when you combine these fresh, natural, raw ingredients together you get such a hearty, crunchy mix that it’s an amazing and filling breakfast or an exceptionally healthy and satisfying snack all on its own. Only vaguely sweet from the sultana, coconut and currants. Probably our favorite.

Farmer Jo Paleo Raw Muesli

Pear Pecan & Spiced Ginger

Farmer Jo Pear Pecan Spiced Ginger

Ingredients (450 g): Wholegrain rolled oats, pepitas, pistachio, almonds, dried cranberry, dried apple, dried strawberry, dried blueberry and vanilla.

The crystalized ginger gives this muesli some kick that makes it stand out from the rest. This is one of the sweeter mueslis as well. That nice lovely flavor from the toasted oats combined with crystalized ginger, pecans and dried pear makes this a great snack or an ideal sweet breakfast served with coconut yogurt.

Smashed Berry Bircher

Farmer Jo Smashed Berry Bircher

Ingredients (450 g): Wholegrain rolled oats, golden syrup, sunflower oil, orange juice, dried pear, pecan nuts, pepitas, dried ginger, coconut chips and vanilla.

This one has a lot of oats and isn’t quite as sweet as some of the others but it has a generous amount of dried fruits and pepitas. I didn’t really notice the pistachio in it though. Since the oats aren’t toasted and the fruit is dried it needed something more. I usually added some fresh or caramelized fruits to enjoy with coconut yogurt. I could see using this in a bake mix, porridge or for making some cookies. Similar to the Green Apple & Roasted Almond muesli.

Farmer Jo Muesli

Disclosure: We contacted them regarding product samples and they kindly provided these products for review. All reviews are our own personal opinions, we have not been compensated to provide feedback, positive or otherwise.

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