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24th April 2015

Opened in 2014 by close friends Mo Wyse and Chef Shannon Martinez, Smith & Daughters is located on the vibrant and vegan-friendy Brunswick St. in Fitzroy, Melbourne. The entirely vegan Latin and Spanish inspired menu features a comprehensive cocktail list and a solid selection of small plates, tapas and heartier menu options. Whether you’re going for a firm drink, laid-back brunch or casual dinner amongst friends, family or colleagues; we wholeheartedly recommend Smith & Daughters for the quality food, service and atmosphere.

With the success of Smith & Daughters, Wyse and Martinez have recently announced that they will be be opening an entirely vegan takeaway deli in Fitzroy in the coming weeks. Known simply as Smith & Deli, it will be located at 111 Moor St. More information to come, but they have already said that they will be selling baked goods, prepared salads, provisions and a selection of vegan deli cuts, sausages and cheeses.

Smith & Daughters Melbourne

Smith & Daughters Melbourne

Smith & Daughters Melbourne

Smith & Daughters Christmas Tree

Smith & Daughters Seating

Smith & Daughters Bar

Smith & Daughters Condiments

There’s a little something for everyone on the drinks menu at Smith & Daughters, from sweet to smokey to spicy. I love that the cocktails are crafted with the same care and consideration as the food. Prices can seem high but are consistent with prices throughout Melbourne and the drinks at Smith & Daughters are seriously strong. Personal favorites are The Siesta for the smoky flavor and Bloody Frida for some spicy kick. Their Sangria is a nice refreshing summer cooler and ideal for sharing alongside a selection of small plates.

Smith & Daughters Bloody Frida

Smith & Daughters: Bloody Frida (Vodka with fresh tomato, cucumber, jalapeño, lemon, dill, celery, garlic and a dash of hot sauce)

Smith & Daughters Bloody Frida

Smith & Daughters: Bloody Frida (Vodka with fresh tomato, cucumber, jalapeño, lemon, dill, celery, garlic and a dash of hot sauce)

Smith & D Sour Cocktail

Smith & Daughters: Smith & D Sour (A traditional pisco sour sans egg, with their Peruvian pisco, lemon & lime juice and sugar syrup)

Vegan Sangria and The Siesta Cocktail

From left to right: Sangria (A Smith & Daughters classic with brandy, triple sec, lemon soda, fresh apple, strawberry and orange); The Siesta (Smoky Mezcal, thyme syrup, St-Germain Elderflower and fresh lemon)

Smith & Daughters offers brunch and dinner. Dinner comprised mostly small plates and tapas with a few larger dishes and a small yet enticing dessert menu. Brunch is a bit more singular, with more individual dishes and fewer shared plates and tapas. Most of the dishes we tried did well to balance flavor and texture, with the sauces always standing out to tie the flavors together. There were quite a few fried items on the menu like the Croquettas, Pastels de Cangrejo, Paella Fritters and Corn Fritters; but the menu was balanced out nicely with a selection of fresh, bright salads like the Brazilian Slaw.

Vegan Tortilla and Croquettas

From left to right: Tortilla, a slice of potato & onion Spanish omelette served with garlic aioli and cold; Tuna & Green Pea Croquettas, Spanish bechamel folded with tuna & green pea and served with picklish caper aioli

Vegan Baked Spanish Omelette

Smith & Daughters: Baked Spanish Omelette – potato, chorizo, mushrooms and sweet pepper. Topped with saffron sofrito & served with toasted bread

Smith & Daughters Vegan Tapas

From left to right: Pastels de Cangrejo (Spicy mango salsa tops a trio of bright, fresh herb & lemon crab cakes, plated over a smooth avocado cream); Paella Fritters (The Martinez family recipe with green peas, sofrita, saffron, rolled into a crunchy bite & served wih garlic aioli); Colombian Chilli & Fresh Corn Fritters (drizzled with a fresh coriander & lime pesto); Tuna & Green Pea Croquettas (Spanish bechamel folded with tuna & green pea. Served with caper aioli)

Vegan Brazilian Slaw

Smith & Daughters: Brazilian Slaw – fresh apple, carrot, corn, cabbage, coriander, parsley, olives, sauteed oyster mushrooms, all tossed in a light lime dressing & topped with crisp tortillas & chili lime salt

Vegan Warm Spanish Doughnuts

Smith & Daughters: Warm Spanish Doughnuts – a serve of 5, round, Spanish doughnuts filled with quince & dusted in spiced sugar

Notes: The menu has changed since our visit and they are apparently looking to add lunch service later in the year. Keep up with Smith & Daughters on Facebook. See brunch menu, dinner menu and cocktail menu (as of Dec 2014 – Jan 2015).

Since Smith & Daughters is a popular place and it can get pretty busy, I recommend making a reservation if you don’t want to potentially wait for a table or be seated at one of the communal tables. We sat at the large communal table in the center of the dining area once and found it be comfortable enough. Despite being busy at times, service was always quick and attentive.

Smith & Daughters

address: 175 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia
contact: +61 3 9939 3293;
connect: Website + Facebook

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